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Q: How much does it cost to enter a team?
A: Nothing at all, the game is completely FREE to play.

Q: How many teams can I submit?
A: One team per competition for each account. However you can enter as many competitions as you would like or are actively running at the time. Please note that this means one account per person and multiple accounts created by the same person are not allowed.

Q: Do I need to re-register for each competition run?
A: No. When you log into your account there is a link to 'Add a Team' - Simply click on the link and it will show you a list of remaining competitions you can add a team to.

Q: When do I have to register by?
A: Registration never closes. You can sign up and begin playing at any time and stage of a competition, obviously the later you join the less chance you stand of winning for that particular competition, however competitions are run in short periods so you'll never be far from a new competition starting.

Q: I don't know anything about cricket, can I still play?
A: Yes of course you can, remember it's just a game, if your enjoying it that's all that matters!

Alternatively you can always sign up to join our forum and discuss various topics with others where you can gain some knowledge of the players taking part.

Q: I'm under 18, can I still enter?
A: Yes, the game is open to all. There are no costs involved and the forums are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a weeks for unacceptable behaviour and contents to make the game suitable for all.

We will also never ask for any personal information on any of our users unless you are a winner of one of the prizes offered, if you/or your parents would like to contact one of the team before hand to verify everything before hand then please feel free to do so at the helpdesk.

Q: I never received my registration e-mail after I signed up?
A. If you didn't receive a confirmation email after registering, then the chances are that you entered an incorrect email address, please contact the Support team via the helpdesk to rectify the situation.


Q: How do I select my team(s)?
A. Once registered you need to log into your account and select the 'Add Team' link in the left menu, the drop down menu will show you which competitions are available to you. Simply pick your required competition and select your team based upon the budget available to you.

Q: Why do I need to select a Captain?
A. Your selected captain will score double points for you (remember that's double losing points also) so unlike in real cricket you are selecting your captain on gut feeling that they will score big points for you rather than real leadership skills. Don't forget to pick your captain carefully as there are heavy penalties for changing them mid competition.

Q: What happens if one of my players gets an injury?
A. If a player is ruled out of a series due to injury or other unexpected circumstances then you will receive an extra transfer onto top of your competition allocation to enable you to exchange the injured player. If the player is your selected captain then as long as you leave the replacement as your captain the trade will be free. However if you don't wish for the replacement player to be your captain and wish to change to a different captain afterward you will be subject to the standard transfer fee.

Q: How do I score points?
A: To see how your players score points for you check out the Points Summary page.

Q: The list of players for the selected competition is incorrect why is this?
A. To allow users a longer period to sign up we generally create competitions before the squad lists are announced therefore some players may differ from the ones announced; we will update the squads as soon as they are announced (at least a week before a competition starts). Don't worry about it costing you transfer points as all transfers are free until the start of the very first game.

Q: Can I add my team during the competition?
A. Yes. All new teams are instantaneous if a competition is "Open", if a match is in progress the team will become "Pending" all "Pending" teams will be completed once the points have been updated for the current match. If there is more than one game in progress on that particular day, the pending changes will apply at the conclusion of all games in progress.


Q: Why is changing/transferring a Captain so much more than a standard transfer?
A. Your selected captain is your leader and just like real life you don't go changing your captain every match, therefore to keep within the sprit of the game and make it life a bit more challenging we felt that it would be more fun to make you think more about your team overall rather than a match-by-match basics. If your Captain is under performing you can always transfer them but don't say we didn't warn you it will cost you!

Q: My Captain has been removed from the touring squad what happens about replacing them is it still free?
A. If a player is ruled out of a series due to injury or other unexpected circumstances then you will receive an extra transfer onto top of your competition allocation to enable you to exchange the injured player. This rule is the same for captains as it is for any member of your team.

Q: How long do player transfers take to process?
A. All player transfers are instantaneous if a competition is "Open", if a match is in progress the modifications will become "Pending" all "Pending" transfers will be completed once the points have been updated for the current match. If there is more than one game in progress on that particular day, the pending changes will apply at the conclusion of all games in progress.

Q: Do I keep the points my players have scored if they are transferred?
A. All player points that you have earned remain with you for the duration of the competition. However any player bought in mid competition will start on zero points for you, regardless of how many points they have scored before hand, and the previous player will be transferred to the "Modifications Listing" under "Your Current Teams".

Q: Can I make changes to my team during the competition?
A: Yes. Unlimited transfers can be made prior to a competition starting, once a competition is underway there is a transfer limit in place (varies on a competition basics due to different lengths) and can be used to replace out of form players or just a managerial tactical change.

Q: What happens if there are multiple matches on the same day for the same competition?
A: Modifications apply at the end of the day once all matches have completed and been scored.

Q: When can I make player transfers?
A: You can make unlimited transfer changes free of charge up to the start of the competition (first match being played). Once the competition has started transfers will be able to be made counting against your allocation right up until the listed start time of the match (rain-delays aren't taken into account) at which time transfers will become Pending until the points have been updated for the game.

User Leagues

Q: Can I compete with my friends / family / colleagues?
A: Yes - you'll need to create or join a League, which gives you the opportunity to play in your own leagues.

Q: What is the difference between the different league types?
A. Public Leagues: Once created anyone's can join your league by simply adding him or herself to it in the standings page.

Private Leagues: These are invitational only; the league creator will invite managers to join their league. Perfect for those that want to compete against friends and family only. Note Private leagues are only viewable in your logged in area, no one will be able to access them.

Global Leagues: These leagues are the main ones that you automatically join as standard when you create a team at Cricket Web's Fantasy Cricket game.


Q: When you are offering prizes but you don't ask for any personal details in the Sign Up process, how will I get my prizes?
A. We only offer prizes in association with an organisation when these are made available to us so this only applies to those competitions where we add specific details about prizes. We have no need for your personal details other than to send out your prizes, so we don't see the need to taking them for the sake of it. If you are one of the lucky winners one of our team will contact you personally to arrange the distribution of your goods.

Q: When will scores be updated?
A: Player points and standings will be updated as soon as possible after a match has concluded, in Test Matches points will be updated after each complete innings.

For Test matches the same applies but transfers are disabled for the entire match despite the points being updated on an innings by innings bases.

Q: What happens if there's a rain delay that delays the start of a match?
A: As the disabling of live modifications is an automatic process, we don't take into account rain delays. This is due to the start time of matches and not being able to have someone available at the start time of each match in what would become a manual process.

Q: How can I see where my team is in the standings?
A: From the main menu you can view a summary of how all of your teams are performing with a league position and team details. Alternatively you can view the full league standings via the Full Standings page and selecting the league of your choice. Please note that private league standings can only be viewed via your main menu in the logged in area.

Q: Can I turn off the mail notifications?
A: Yes. We send out mail notifications occasionally, If you would like to turn this feature off simply log in and select the modify user details link and you can choose to disable the Receive Newsletter option.

Please Note we advise you set this option to YES to receive all the latest competition details.

The e-mail option above refers only to the New/Completed Competition details (+ any important information such as injuries).

Q: Can I update my information?
A: Yes. Simply log in and select the modify user details link where you will be able to update your information such as name, e-mail address etc.

Q: I want to change your team name or Personal information?
Once your team is registered, you can change your password and other personal details by login in and going to "Modify User Details". Unfortunately at this stage you are unable to change your team name once submitted.

Q: I no longer wish to play can, what do I need to do?
A. Hopefully you enjoy the game but if for any reason you no longer wish to play or you wish to stop temporarily then log into your account and click the 'Modify User Details' link, then simply set the receive Newsletter to No.

This way your account will become dormant and you won't receive any information in regards to Cricket Web's Fantasy Cricket, however the account is still available to you if you ever wish to return at a later date without going all through the registration process.

Q: I've forgot my password, how do I get a new one?
If you have forgotten your Username or password, please refer to the email that you would have received after registering. This will contain both your Username and your team's password. If you still cannot find either of these, you can use the Lost Password facility to recover your details.

Q: I am sure I've got the right Username and password but I still can't log in.
A. To play Cricket Web's Fantasy League, you will need to set up a new User account. To do this, click on the Register link. You will then be able to fill in your personal information and log-in.

If you have previously registered and are still experiencing problems, then please refer to your registration email to ensure that you have not been entering your details incorrectly. If you are still experiencing problems, please email our support team, using the contact us facility.

Q: What happens if a match ends in a No Result?
A. Matches that end in a No Result have no points scored for them.

Q: Your question not answered?
A. Please take the time to read the information pages and the FAQ pages before contacting us as the chances are very high that your question has already been answered in one of these pages already. If you still need assistance please use one of the following methods. 1) Using the helpdesk 3) Post a message on the forums.

Q: I have a query regarding the scores. Who do I contact?
A. Please view all the relevant sections of the site before querying the scores of your players such as the Scoring summary page and the match update page. If you do still have a query then please log a message via the helpdesk who will look into your query.