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Overall High Scores

Quiz Category User Score Total Time
The Asheschumma12707 Mar 2009
Ashes Quotesharishkumar199012716 Aug 2009
BodylineBluediver12728 Oct 2009
Australia / New Zealandkarthik23128712705 Dec 2009
India / Pakistanabde12711 Sep 2009
Video Questions 1RSAROJ12707 Apr 2009
Video Questions 2paul8412704 Mar 2009
The World Cupgibbie1412729 Nov 2012
Youngandyc12703 Feb 2009
Twenty20dek0912729 Mar 2009
Quotesgibbie1412712 Dec 2012
Mixedgibbie1412713 Dec 2012
BooksMUHAMMADFAROOQ99912728 Nov 2013
Pre-1914MUHAMMADFAROOQ99912724 Apr 2014