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PlayerFiguresMatch Name
Dwayne Bravo10-1-43-6Zimbabwe in West Indies 2012/13 (2nd ODI)
Kemar Roach9-0-56-5West Indies in Bangladesh 2012/13 (5th ODI)
Ravi Rampaul10-1-49-5West Indies in Bangladesh 2012/13 (2nd ODI)
Sunil Narine10-1-27-5New Zealand in United States of America and West Indies 2012 (5th ODI)
Ravi Rampaul10-0-51-5ICC World Cup 2010/11 (Group B)
Kemar Roach8.3-0-27-6ICC World Cup 2010/11 (Group B)
Kemar Roach10-0-44-5Bangladesh in West Indies: 1st match, 2009
Jerome Taylor10-0-48-5West Indies in Zimbabwe: 4th match, 2007/08
Fidel Edwards10-0-45-5NatWest Series: 1st ODI, 2007
Dwayne Smith10-0-45-5West Indies in New Zealand: 5th ODI, 2005/06
Pedro Collins10-1-43-5VB Series: 6th Match, 2004/05
Mervyn Dillon10-4-29-5ICC Champions Trophy: 8th Match, 2004
Fidel Edwards7-1-22-6West Indies in Zimbabwe: 4th ODI, 2003/04
Chris Gayle10-0-46-5Australia in West Indies: 7th ODI, 2002/03
Vasbert Drakes10-2-33-5ICC World Cup: 42nd Match, 2002/03
Vasbert Drakes9.5-1-44-5ICC World Cup: 24th Match, 2002/03
Mervyn Dillon10-1-52-5India in West Indies: 5th ODI, 2001/02
Corey Collymore9.2-0-51-5LG Abans Triangular Series: 3rd Match, 2001/02
Colin Stuart10-1-44-5West Indies in Kenya: 1st ODI, 2001
Franklyn Rose10-1-23-5Cable & Wireless One Day International Series: 4th Match, 1999/00
Mervyn Dillon10-1-51-5DMC Cup: 3rd ODI, 1999
Jimmy Adams10-0-37-5Carlton & United Series: 4th Match, 1996/97
Ottis Gibson10-1-40-5Benson & Hedges World Series: 11th Match, 1995/96
Ottis Gibson8.4-0-42-5Benson & Hedges World Series: 6th Match, 1995/96
Winston Benjamin10-3-22-5C.A.B. Jubilee Tournament (Hero Cup): 2nd Match, 1993/94
Curtly Ambrose9.3-2-32-5Benson & Hedges World Series: 1st Final, 1992/93
Ian Bishop8.4-0-25-5Benson & Hedges World Series: 9th Match, 1992/93
Andy Cummins9.3-1-31-5Benson & Hedges World Series: 9th Match, 1991/92
Curtly Ambrose10-1-53-5Wills Trophy: 4th Match, 1991/92
Tony Gray9-0-50-6West Indies v Australia: 2nd ODI, 1990/91
Sir Viv Richards9.4-0-41-6MRF World Series (Nehru Cup): 8th Match, 1989/90
Curtly Ambrose10-2-26-5Benson & Hedges World Series: 1st Final, 1988/89
Ian Bishop10-1-27-5Benson & Hedges World Series: 6th Match, 1988/89
Curtly Ambrose8.2-1-17-5Benson & Hedges World Series: 4th Match, 1988/89
Patrick Patterson9.4-0-29-6India v West Indies: 1st ODI, 1987/88
Sir Viv Richards10-0-41-5New Zealand v West Indies: 1st ODI, 1986/87
Joel Garner10-0-47-5Benson & Hedges Challenge: 4th Match, 1986/87
Courtney Walsh4.3-3-1-5Champions Trophy: 5th Match, 1986/87
Michael Holding10-1-26-5Benson & Hedges World Series Cup: 3rd Final, 1984/85
Joel Garner10-1-31-5Benson & Hedges World Series Cup: 3rd Final, 1983/84
Winston Davis10.3-0-51-7Prudential World Cup: 7th Match, 1983
Colin Croft9-4-15-6West Indies v England: 1st ODI, 1980/81
Andy Roberts10-5-22-5Benson & Hedges World Series Cup: 11th Match, 1979/80
Joel Garner11-0-38-5Prudential World Cup: Only Final, 1979
Vanburn Holder10-0-50-5Prudential Trophy: 3rd ODI, 1976