Stats Spider The Ashes: 3rd Test, 1950/51

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Australia v England @ Sydney Cricket Ground
5, 6, 8, 9 January 1951 (six-day match)

Toss: England (bat)
Umpires: AN Barlow, HAR Elphinstone
Match Result: Australia won by an innings and 13 runs

1st Innings


    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Len Huttonlbw b Keith Miller62-1763-
2. Cyril Washbrookc Keith Miller b Ian Johnson18-382-
3. Reg Simpsonc Sam Loxton b Keith Miller49-1663-
4. Denis Compton b Keith Miller0-2--
5. Gilbert Parkhousec Arthur Morris b Ian Johnson25-663-
*6. Freddie Brown b Ray Lindwall79-1589-
7. Trevor Baileyc Don Tallon b Ian Johnson15-130--
+8. Godfrey Evansnot out 23-493-
9. Alec Bedser b Ray Lindwall3-4--
10. John Warr b Keith Miller4-20--
11. Doug Wrightrun out ( > > )0-5--

FOW 1-34 (Cyril Washbrook), 2-128 (Len Hutton), 3-128 (Denis Compton), 4-137 (Reg Simpson), 5-187 (Gilbert Parkhouse), 6-258 (Freddie Brown), 7-267 (Alec Bedser), 8-281 (John Warr), 9-286 (Trevor Bailey), 290 (Doug Wright).
Extras 0b, 10lb, 0w, 2nb, 0pen) 12
Total (for 10 wickets, 98.7 ovs) 290

Bowling O M R W Extras
Ray Lindwall160602 (0w,0nb)
Keith Miller15.74374 (0w,0nb)
Ian Johnson318943 (0w,0nb)
Bill Johnston215500 (0w,0nb)
Jack Iverson101250 (0w,0nb)
Sam Loxton50120 (0w,0nb)

2nd Innings


    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Ken Archerc Godfrey Evans b Alec Bedser48-1914-
2. Arthur Morris b Alec Bedser003--
*3. Lindsay Hassettc Alec Bedser b Freddie Brown70-1926-
4. Neil Harvey b Alec Bedser39-793-
5. Keith Millernot out 145-35461
6. Sam Loxtonc Alec Bedser b Freddie Brown17-64--
+7. Don Tallonlbw b Alec Bedser18-282-
8. Ian Johnson b Freddie Brown77-1617-
9. Ray Lindwalllbw b Freddie Brown1-3--
10. Bill Johnstonrun out ( > > )0-4--
11. Jack Iversonrun out ( > > )1-5--

FOW 1-1 (Arthur Morris), 2-122 (Ken Archer), 3-122 (Lindsay Hassett), 4-190 (Neil Harvey), 5-223 (Sam Loxton), 6-252 (Don Tallon), 7-402 (Ian Johnson), 8-406 (Ray Lindwall), 9-418 (Bill Johnston), 426 (Jack Iverson).
Extras 3b, 7lb, 0w, 0nb, 0pen) 10
Total (for 10 wickets, 129 ovs) 426

Bowling O M R W Extras
Alec Bedser4341074 (0w,0nb)
John Warr3641420 (0w,0nb)
Freddie Brown4441534 (0w,0nb)
Denis Compton61140 (0w,0nb)

3rd Innings


    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Len Huttonc Don Tallon b Jack Iverson9-47--
2. Cyril Washbrook b Jack Iverson34-754-
3. Reg Simpsonc Don Tallon b Jack Iverson0-13--
4. Denis Comptonc Ian Johnson b Bill Johnston23-1041-
5. Gilbert Parkhouserun out ( > > )15-511-
*6. Freddie Brown b Jack Iverson18-592-
+7. Godfrey Evans b Ian Johnson14-173-
8. Trevor Baileynot out 0-13--
9. Alec Bedser b Jack Iverson4-8--
10. John Warr b Jack Iverson0-2--
11. Doug Wrightabsent hurt 0----

FOW 1-32 (Len Hutton), 2-40 (Reg Simpson), 3-45 (Cyril Washbrook), 4-74 (Gilbert Parkhouse), 5-91 (Denis Compton), 6-119 (Godfrey Evans), 7-119 (Freddie Brown), 8-123 (Alec Bedser), 9-123 (John Warr).
Extras 1b, 5lb, 0w, 0nb, 0pen) 6
Total (for 10 wickets, 52.4 ovs) 123

Bowling O M R W Extras
Ray Lindwall41120 (0w,0nb)
Keith Miller62150 (0w,0nb)
Ian Johnson102321 (0w,0nb)
Bill Johnston136311 (0w,0nb)
Jack Iverson19.48276 (0w,0nb)



Ken Archer, Arthur Morris, Lindsay Hassett, Neil Harvey, Keith Miller, Sam Loxton, Don Tallon, Ian Johnson, Ray Lindwall, Bill Johnston, Jack Iverson


Len Hutton, Cyril Washbrook, Reg Simpson, Denis Compton, Gilbert Parkhouse, Freddie Brown, Godfrey Evans, Trevor Bailey, Alec Bedser, John Warr, Doug Wright