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England v West Indies @ Edgbaston, Birmingham
6, 7, 8 July 1995 (five-day match)

Toss: England (bat)
Umpires: MJ Kitchen, ID Robinson
Third Umpire: JW Holder
Match Referee: JR Reid
Match Result: West Indies won by an innings and 64 runs

1st Innings


    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
*1. Mike Athertonc Junior Murray b Curtly Ambrose032--
+2. Alec Stewartlbw b Kenny Benjamin37701145-
3. Graeme Hickc Richie Richardson b Courtney Walsh3512--
4. Graham Thorpec Sherwin Campbell b Curtly Ambrose3033465-
5. Robin Smithc Keith Arthurton b Ian Bishop46921448-
6. Jason Gallian b Kenny Benjamin72027--
7. Dominic Corklbw b Courtney Walsh41816--
8. Darren Goughc Keith Arthurton b Ian Bishop11728--
9. Peter Martinc sub b Courtney Walsh11225--
10. Richard Illingworth b Ian Bishop0711--
11. Angus Frasernot out 022--

FOW 1-4 (Mike Atherton), 2-9 (Graeme Hick), 3-53 (Graham Thorpe), 4-84 (Alec Stewart), 5-100 (Jason Gallian), 6-109 (Dominic Cork), 7-124 (Darren Gough), 8-141 (Robin Smith), 9-147 (Peter Martin), 147 (Richard Illingworth).
Extras 0b, 4lb, 4w, 10nb, 0pen) 18
Total (for 10 wickets, 44.2 ovs) 147

Bowling O M R W Extras
Curtly Ambrose7.51262 (0w,0nb)
Courtney Walsh17.14543 (0w,0nb)
Ian Bishop6.20183 (0w,0nb)
Kenny Benjamin134452 (0w,0nb)

2nd Innings

West Indies

    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Carl Hooperc Alec Stewart b Dominic Cork4071945-
2. Sherwin Campbell b Dominic Cork7914020316-
3. Brian Laralbw b Dominic Cork2142524-
4. Jimmy Adamslbw b Dominic Cork1025362-
*5. Richie Richardson b Angus Fraser69024210-
6. Keith Arthurtonlbw b Angus Fraser821352-
+7. Junior Murrayc Alec Stewart b Peter Martin2624335-
8. Ian Bishopc Peter Martin b Richard Illingworth1659791-
9. Kenny Benjaminrun out ( > > )1134531-
10. Courtney Walshrun out ( > > )0-1--
11. Curtly Ambrosenot out 46101-

FOW 1-73 (Carl Hooper), 2-105 (Brian Lara), 3-141 (Jimmy Adams), 4-156 (Sherwin Campbell), 5-171 (Keith Arthurton), 6-198 (Junior Murray), 7-260 (Ian Bishop), 8-292 (Kenny Benjamin), 9-292 (Courtney Walsh), 300 (Richie Richardson).
Extras 5b, 5lb, 0w, 6nb, 0pen) 16
Total (for 10 wickets, 98 ovs) 300

Bowling O M R W Extras
Angus Fraser317932 (0w,0nb)
Darren Gough183680 (0w,0nb)
Dominic Cork225694 (0w,0nb)
Peter Martin195491 (0w,0nb)
Richard Illingworth84111 (0w,0nb)

3rd Innings


    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
*1. Mike Atherton b Courtney Walsh42132--
2. Robin Smith b Ian Bishop41841568-
3. Graeme Hickc Carl Hooper b Ian Bishop322--
4. Graham Thorpec Junior Murray b Ian Bishop069--
5. Dominic Corkc sub b Courtney Walsh1633431-
6. Peter Martinlbw b Courtney Walsh059--
7. Jason Gallianc Junior Murray b Courtney Walsh021--
8. Darren Goughc Sherwin Campbell b Courtney Walsh123042-1
9. Richard Illingworthc Carl Hooper b Ian Bishop0812--
10. Angus Frasernot out 114--
+11. Alec Stewartabsent hurt 0----

FOW 1-17 (Mike Atherton), 2-20 (Graeme Hick), 3-26 (Graham Thorpe), 4-61 (Dominic Cork), 5-62 (Peter Martin), 6-63 (Jason Gallian), 7-88 (Darren Gough), 8-88 (Robin Smith), 9-89 (Richard Illingworth).
Extras 0b, 0lb, 0w, 12nb, 0pen) 12
Total (for 10 wickets, 30 ovs) 89

Bowling O M R W Extras
Courtney Walsh152455 (0w,0nb)
Ian Bishop133294 (0w,0nb)
Kenny Benjamin20150 (0w,0nb)



Mike Atherton, Robin Smith, Graeme Hick, Graham Thorpe, Dominic Cork, Peter Martin, Jason Gallian, Darren Gough, Richard Illingworth, Angus Fraser, Alec Stewart

West Indies:

Carl Hooper, Sherwin Campbell, Brian Lara, Jimmy Adams, Richie Richardson, Keith Arthurton, Junior Murray, Ian Bishop, Kenny Benjamin, Courtney Walsh, Curtly Ambrose