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PlayerFiguresMatch Name
Sohail Khan10-0-55-5ICC World Cup 2014/15 (Pool B)
Shahid Afridi9-3-12-7Pakistan in West Indies 2013 (1st ODI)
Saeed Ajmal9.4-1-24-5Pakistan in India 2012/13 (3rd ODI)
Saeed Ajmal10-0-43-5England in United Arab Emirates 2011/12 (1st ODI)
Shahid Afridi10-0-36-5Afghanistan in United Arab Emirates 2011/12 (Only ODI)
Shahid Afridi6.3-0-23-5Pakistan in Bangladesh 2011/12 (1st ODI)
Shahid Afridi9.2-0-35-5Sri Lanka in United Arab Emirates 2011/12 (4th ODI)
Wahab Riaz10-0-46-5ICC World Cup 2010/11 (Semi-Final)
Shahid Afridi10-0-23-5ICC World Cup 2010/11 (Group A)
Shahid Afridi8-3-16-5ICC World Cup 2010/11 (Group A)
Umar Gul10-0-42-6Pakistan in England 2010 (3rd ODI)
Iftikhar Anjum8.1-0-30-5Pakistan in Sri Lanka: 4th match, 2009
Shahid Afridi10-0-38-6Australia v Pakistan: 2008/09
Sohail Tanvir10-1-48-5Asia Cup: 8th Match, 2008
Shoaib Akhtar8.4-1-54-5England in Pakistan: 2nd ODI, 2005/06
Naved-ul-Hasan8.4-1-27-6Pakistan in India: 3rd ODI, 2004/05
Shahid Afridi6-1-11-5ICC Champions Trophy: 7th Match, 2004
Mohammad Sami7.5-2-10-5New Zealand in Pakistan: 2nd ODI, 2003/04
Umar Gul9-2-17-5Bangladesh in Pakistan: 3rd ODI, 2003
Wasim Akram9-1-28-5ICC World Cup: 14th Match, 2002/03
Waqar Younis10-0-38-5Morocco Cup: 1st Match, 2002
Shoaib Akhtar8-1-25-5Pakistan in Australia: 3rd ODI, 2002
Shoaib Akhtar9-1-16-6New Zealand in Pakistan: 1st ODI, 2002
Abdul Razzaq9.5-1-35-6Pakistan in Bangladesh: 3rd ODI, 2001/02
Waqar Younis8-0-59-6NatWest Series: 8th Match, 2001
Waqar Younis10-0-36-7NatWest Series: 7th Match, 2001
Shoaib Akhtar6.3-0-19-5Pakistan in New Zealand: 1st ODI, 2000/01
Saqlain Mushtaq8-0-20-5England in Pakistan: 3rd ODI, 2000/01
Shahid Afridi10-1-40-5England in Pakistan: 2nd ODI, 2000/01
Waqar Younis10-1-31-5Coca-Cola Cup: 4th Match, 1999/00
Abdul Razzaq10-0-48-5Carlton & United Series: 7th Match, 1999/00
Azhar Mahmood10-2-28-5Coca-Cola Champions Trophy: Only Final, 1999/00
Azhar Mahmood10-2-18-6Coca-Cola Champions Trophy: 6th Match, 1999/00
Abdul Razzaq9.1-2-31-5Coca-Cola Champions Trophy: 3rd Match, 1999/00
Saqlain Mushtaq10-1-35-5ICC World Cup: 29th Match, 1999
Azhar Mahmood10-1-38-5Pepsi Cup: Only Final, 1998/99
Saqlain Mushtaq10-0-45-5Sahara 'Friendship' Cup: 1st ODI, 1997
Saqlain Mushtaq9.3-1-38-5Pepsi Asia Cup: 2nd Match, 1997
Aaqib Javed10-0-61-5Pepsi Independence Cup: 6th Match, 1997
Aaqib Javed10-1-35-5Pepsi Independence Cup: 2nd Match, 1997
Saqlain Mushtaq8.5-0-29-5Carlton & United Series: 3rd Match, 1996/97
Saqlain Mushtaq9.4-0-44-5Pakistan v New Zealand: 1st ODI, 1996/97
Waqar Younis10-1-44-6Singer Champions Trophy: 6th Match, 1996/97
Waqar Younis8.5-0-52-5KCA Centenary Tournament: 6th Match, 1996/97
Mushtaq Ahmed10-0-36-5Sahara 'Friendship' Cup: 5th ODI, 1996
Aaqib Javed9-1-19-5Pepsi Asia Cup: 3rd Match, 1994/95
Waqar Younis9.4-1-30-6New Zealand v Pakistan: 4th ODI, 1993/94
Wasim Akram7-1-15-5Pakistan v Zimbabwe: 1st ODI, 1993/94
Wasim Akram6.1-0-16-5Total International Series: 4th Match, 1992/93
Waqar Younis10-0-25-5Total International Series: 1st Match, 1992/93
Wasim Akram9-1-19-5New Zealand v Pakistan: 1st ODI, 1992/93
Aaqib Javed10-1-37-7Wills Trophy: Only Final, 1991/92
Waqar Younis8-0-52-5Pakistan v West Indies: 1st ODI, 1990/91
Waqar Younis6-1-16-5Pakistan v New Zealand: 3rd ODI, 1990/91
Waqar Younis6.4-2-11-5Pakistan v New Zealand: 2nd ODI, 1990/91
Saleem Malik7-2-35-5Pakistan v New Zealand: 1st ODI, 1990/91
Waqar Younis9-2-20-5Austral-Asia Cup: 1st Semi-final, 1989/90
Waqar Younis10-1-26-6Austral-Asia Cup: 5th Match, 1989/90
Wasim Akram9.4-1-38-5Champions Trophy: 2nd Match, 1989/90
Imran Khan10-2-14-6Rothmans Four-Nations Cup: 1st Match, 1984/85
Mudassar Nazar7.3-0-28-5Benson & Hedges World Championship of Cricket: 2nd Semi-final, 1984/85
Wasim Akram8-1-21-5Benson & Hedges World Championship of Cricket: 5th Match, 1984/85
Abdul Qadir10-1-53-5Benson & Hedges World Series Cup: 8th Match, 1983/84
Abdul Qadir12-1-44-5Prudential World Cup: 15th Match, 1983