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This is a book review section written by cricket book tragics who have a real passion for the greatest of all games, and the written word. We have deliberately not adhered to the normal book review standard of only reviewing the latest releases (although there are plenty of new book reviews on the site), so you will find all the great cricket authors: C.L.R. James, Cardus, A.A. Thomson, and even ‘Old Ebor’.

That great cricket character and leg spin bowler Arthur Mailey once said ‘there are 7584 people in the English-speaking world who buy every book on cricket published’. So if you want to know whether you should lift a particular books sales up to 7585 check what we have rated it first, it just might save you wasting your hard earned.

Our Ratings System

star - possibly useful in the event of running short of kindling, but not otherwise

starstar - no significantly redeemable features, apart from the fact you can happily use it with no regret as one of your initial offerings on Bookmooch.

starstar - not worth bothering with if you have to fork out money for it, but may still be worth reading if given to you free by a relative

starstarstar - an average book that whilst still readable and enjoyable, fails to really provide anything substantially new or valuable to the cricketing community

starstarstar - an above average book that is either well written or contains information of interest, but lacks overall polish or significant new content

starstarstarstar - a well written book on familiar subject matter, or a very well researched book but not perfectly presented

starstarstarstar - A highly recommended book that should appeal to all fans, or a very specialised book that is of great value but only to a limited section of the cricketing community

starstarstarstarstar - A book that should be in all cricket libraries. Essential reading.

starstarstarstarstar - Is only awarded to a few select books. It was a number of years until the first Cricket Web five star rating was achieved, and it remains very rare. It goes without saying that any five star book should be on every cricket lover's reading shelf.
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