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A look back at the West Indies Test tour of Australia in 2000/01

Marco Trevisiol | 10:33am gmt 15 Dec 2014
FeaturesFor decades any West Indies tour to Australia had been a major event. But the 2000/01 Test series was so one-sided it would never be the same.
Why Simmo Answered The Call

David Taylor | 6:05pm gmt 12 Dec 2014
FeaturesStand in captains are generally on a hiding to nothing, and ultimately Bobby Simpson was no exception, but the story of his return after a decade's retirement is an enduring one
I did my best for West Indies cricket: Adam Sanford

Ganeshbabu Venkat | 2:00am gmt 06 Dec 2014
FeaturesFormer West Indian fast bowler Adam Sanford talks to CricketWeb about his career, fast bowling, playing for USA besides other things.
Pring - From Zero to Hero

Martin Chandler | 8:19am gmt 01 Dec 2014
FeaturesIt took him the best part of a decade, but Derek Pringle eventually claimed a place in the affections of Englad supporters
A Life Too Short. A Life Well Played

Cameron Burge | 6:34am gmt 27 Nov 2014
FeaturesA shooting star whose light burned gloriously but all too briefly, the death of Phil Hughes at only 25 reminds us in the most tragic manner of both our own mortality and of the joy which one so gifted can bring us in so short a time.
Four All-Rounders - a Study in Impact

Dave Wilson | 11:09pm gmt 24 Nov 2014
Following Gareth's assessment of how the four great all-rounders of the '80s performed against the West Indies, Dave looks at their overall career impact in Tests.
The Single-Wicket Game

Martin Chandler | 6:54pm gmt 19 Nov 2014
FeaturesFormats come, and occasionally go, but the once popular head to head version of the game has defied all attempts to revive it
The First Controversial Pakistan Cricketer?

Martin Chandler | 7:26am gmt 15 Nov 2014
FeaturesHe might have played many times for England or Pakistan, or perhaps even both, but in the end there were just four Tests over 17 years for Younis Ahmed
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David Taylor
Coincidence possibly (I wrote it to time with a new Australia - India series), but it wouldn't be th
Good work Thanks
[QUOTE=vic_orthdox]Probably the highlight was the game against Australia A when Lara went nuts, hit
[QUOTE=vic_orthdox]Probably the highlight was the game against Australia A when Lara went nuts, hit
Probably the highlight was the game against Australia A when Lara went nuts, hit Bichel for six four
I met him at the Unity Cup in Chicago earlier this year. I was amazed how fit he is and how much fir
Tendulkar first ball anytime is something brag about
Have no idea why but when I read the thread tittle I read it as Allen Stanford...........thought it