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Cricket Web's Champions Trophy Predictions

Will Quinn | 11:35am gmt 22 Sep 2009
Cricket Web
Shane Bond may have only recently returned to international cricket, but he`s still being heavily tipped to be one of the tournament`s star performers.
The Champions Trophy starts this afternoon, and we at Cricket Web have decided to make a few predictions on who the movers and shakers will be this time around. Glaring into their respective crystal balls, resident Poms Martyn Corrin, Martin Chandler and Paul Wood face off against beer-drinking Aussies Cameron Burge, Brendon Goff and Simon Fitzsimmons. Effigy-burning Indian fans Ganesh Venkat and Manjunath Reddlapalli test out their future sight skills alongside site owner James Nixon and the inimitable Richard Dickinson.

1. Who's going to win the thing?

Martyn: South Africa.
Martin: Australia
Paul: Sorry to be predictable, but I'm in South Africa's camp also.
Cameron: SA
Brendon: I'm going to go left field and say New Zealand
Simon: South Africa
Ganesh: South Africa
Manjunath: India
James: South Africa
Richard: South Africa. They have to win something they're overwhelming favourites for eventually.

2. Which four teams will reach the semi-finals?

Martyn: Australia, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka
Martin: Australia, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka
Paul: Australia, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka
Cameron: South Africa, Australia, NZ and Pakistan
Brendon: South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and India
Simon: South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan
Ganesh: Australia, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka
Manjunath: India, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia
James: South Africa, Australia, India, England
Richard: Australia, India, South Africa, New Zealand

3. Will it be more or less fun than the 2007 World Cup?

Martyn: More, but then again I've known paintdrying contests to be more fun than that shambles
Martin: Yeah- the future of the 50 over game is on the line.
Paul: Surely it has to be more fun.
Cameron: Nothing could be more fun than a sport's biggest occasion finishing in pitch darkness.
Brendon: Wish I could confidently say more, but these things always seem to be a letdown.
Simon: Probably about as bad.
Ganesh: Definitely more.
Manjunath: More, I hope.
James: More fun with bigger totals and close finishes.
Richard: More... I sincerely hope anyway.

4. Who will be the tournament's star player?

Martyn: Luke Wright... or failing that, AB De Villiers.
Martin: Brett Lee
Paul: AB De Villiers.
Cameron: Bond. Shane Bond.
Brendon: Shane Bond.
Simon: Cameron White.
Ganesh: AB De Villiers
Manjunath: MS Dhoni
James: Albie Morkel
Richard: Shane Bond.

5. Who or what will be the surprise package?

Martyn: England... winning a game.
Martin: Ravi Bopara will play well and set us all up for further disappointment when the Test tour arrives.
Paul: Angelo Mathews' all-round contributions.
Cameron: NZ, and Cameron White too.
Brendon: NZ will be the surprise packet.
Simon: Sri Lanka's bowlers will dominate but let themselves down when it matters most.
Ganesh: Don't see too many surprises. South Africa not choking.
Manjunath: Australia missing out on the semis.
James: England will make the semi-finals thanks to Anderson and Sidebottom taking apart the top orders of Sri Lanka and New Zealand before being brought down to earth again by Australia in the semi finals.
Richard: Sri Lanka to disappoint in early-season South African conditions.

6. Anything else?

Martyn: Luke Wright to score a 50 and take three wickets in the same match.
Martin: Shane Bond to return in style but be let down by his colleagues.
Paul: This competition will re-ignite interest in 50-over cricket with a series of tight and thrilling matches.
Cameron: TV numbers worldwide will be down dramatically compared with the same tourney last time around.
Brendon: People will be calling for changes to the one-day game even louder after the tournament.
Simon: One of the big teams, maybe India, will fail miserably with their batsmen not making a run and bowlers not taking any wickets. Will be spectacular.
Ganesh: West Indies will be embarrassed in every game. I would be surprised if they made 200 once.
Manjunath: The finals will be rained out.
James: New Zealand, unfortunately, will fail to win a match at the tournament, while the second-string West Indies outfit will surprise Pakistan.
Richard: England to not win a game... not asking too much that, mind.

Join us after the tournament to see how everyone fared. In the mean time, we're all going to settle down to some serious cricket-watching...

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pakistan win the trophy

australia will win the championstrophy.

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