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Devil Ducky sick

James Nixon | 7:46am gmt 15 Mar 2008
Eddie and the Devil Ducky are currently sick which is preventing articles from being written at the moment. They should be back on board soon.
Cricket's Latest Heavyweight

Eddie Sanders | 12:01am gmt 10 Feb 2008
Devil DuckyNew Zealand's call-up of the aptly-named Jesse 'Wider' Ryder to their one-day squad to face England may have been a surprise to some, but he follows in the knee-deep footsteps of a number of players of equally epic proportions who have made a considerable impact on the game - and on the ground when they landed on it.
A Winter's Tale

Eddie Sanders | 6:59am gmt 03 Feb 2008
Devil DuckySometimes I feel sorry for Eddie - not often, of course, but every now and again I'm really broken up for the poor old git. Winter time is a terrible time for him and he mopes around the house all day shivering, just waiting for the new cricket season to arrive.
The Devil Ducky is Alive!

Eddie Sanders | 11:20pm gmt 27 Jan 2008
Devil DuckyThree things of great significance with regard to World Affairs happened this week.

In the first, the continued repercussions of the collapse of the American 'sub-prime' market caused Stock Exchanges from London to Beijing to hit the floor more times than the average chance heading in the general direction of Michael Clarke.
Devil Ducky
At huge personal expense and displaying great moral fortitude, we fly in the face of danger in order to bring you, each and every week, the truth* behind the stories, personalities and characters that make cricket the great game it is today.

*Not everything you read in this column may be 100% accurate. Some facts have been changed to protect the innocent.
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Yaju Arya
Get well soon Uncle, we all love you a lot and miss your articles heavily!
Hope everything is ok mate.
Dear Monsigniori Ducky, I can assure you that New Zealand is renowned for its lightweight pie cru
Devil Ducky
Mr Speed (see comment below): Thank you for your erudite, illuminating and educating c
Yaju Arya
"Harbhajan Singh and Monty Panesar replied in unison "These are not bandages, Mr Cricket - they are
Haha - Devil Ducky is awesome. Is it too much to hope for Mr Flat (full name Flat-Track-Bully - cla
Hmmm... I'm not convinced that Jesse Ryder is dense enough to "create{s} a momentary indentation in
James Wilson
Bravo lol