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Big Game Players

Neil Pickup | 9:13pm gmt 23 Mar 2008
Cricket lies on the back burner for this week's entry, as there's only so much vitriole one person can bring himself to spew about Ian Bell's incessant tendency to look a million dollars and then play a shot straight from a Closing Down Sale. So I'm saving myself from recycling any number of cliches about choirboys and headlights, and wondering about what, in general, contributes to skills either thriving or disintegrating under pressure.
New Life

Neil Pickup | 11:12pm gmt 16 Mar 2008
It's now more than six months since I moved to Oxford (or, to be more accurate, I was moved by parents due to my broken bones rendering me unable to drive). I think now, for the first time, I'm reaching the stage where I'm beginning to feel part of Oxfordshire, rather than on-loan from Devon.

Neil Pickup | 7:20pm gmt 10 Mar 2008
This weekend I've been in the Lake District, partially underwater and also having my tent upended... More next weekend.
How Chris Taylor Sprained my Ankle (and other stories from Nevil Road)

Neil Pickup | 10:00pm gmt 02 Mar 2008
Completing the SquareI told you this week would be more interesting than last. Alright, I've still barely had the time to scribble this down around about a workload that I'm not going to whinge about on here, because I knew it would be like this when I signed the contract, but there's a lot more cricket on, at least.
Between Shifts

Neil Pickup | 12:02pm gmt 24 Feb 2008
It's Sunday morning, 11.34. I've got 26 minutes spare in which to compose this week's musings, for that's about the sum total of my free time between now and this time next week.
Don't just say it. Do it.

Neil Pickup | 4:55pm gmt 17 Feb 2008
A little bit of double meaning in this week's column. Firstly, a short update on last week's musings, and then a few thoughts on the lifeblood of amateur societies the world over, the committee.
Confidence and Hypocrisy

Neil Pickup | 1:49pm gmt 10 Feb 2008
It's remarkable how two miles and two weeks can spin your life around on its axis, thrusting you from one side of a situation into the other, and forcing you to question everything you think, and everything you believe in.
So, who the heck are you?

Neil Pickup | 5:03pm gmt 03 Feb 2008
Completing the SquareIt occurred to me this afternoon that I'd never bothered to properly introduce myself in last week's column. So for those of you who've never found yourself being triggered by my right index finger, here's the first draft of my autobiography.
Neil Pickup
Neil Pickup is a schoolteacher from Oxford, England, and has been writing for Cricket Web for six years. His highest cricketing achievement is keeping wicket for Thorverton 1st XI in the Devon Cricket League for nine overs, before being forced to hospital with a broken finger.
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Neil Pickup
I take the insinuation that my opening sentence may have been a little on the colloquial side...
Dale Brumby
\"Alright\", Mr P? Oh, that it has come to this...
Zac Ritchie (Perm)
Excellent Neil, really good. It dismays me to see other people with a lack of confidence in themselv
Knew most of that allready, but was still a good read :p